Before appointing a Honolulu carpet cleaning service, you must go through the basic causes of dirty carpet. To help you better, here in this post, we will talk about what makes the carpet dirty.

It is true that if too much detergent or the wrong detergent was used, your carpet will become dirty again very fast. Also, cleaning your carpet with wrong techniques will leave residue behind that make the carpet dirty fast. The soil build up is also another reason why you may have to clean your carpet too frequently. If the carpet is heavily soiled, some of the deep soil may rise to the top and need a second or third cleaning to get the appearance up to par.

Every time you walk inside, your shoes track in soil. Pollen in the grass, fertilizer from the lawn and oil from the driveway, and everything you step upon gets caught on your carpet. Moreover, every time you cook in your kitchen, oils get airborne that ultimately land in your carpet.

Honolulu Carpet Cleaning

Even if your carpet seems clean from the outside, it mayn’t be clean. Professional carpet cleaning in regular interval is essential to keep your carpets looking their best and lasting the longest. And perhaps the most important, regular carpet cleaning decreases the probability of allergic reactions in your family member and promotes a healthier home

How often should I clean my carpet?

To keep your carpets looking and performing their best, manufacturers recommend professional Hawaii carpet cleaning services at least three times a year. The amount of traffic your home receives is also a deciding factor how frequently you need professional carpet cleaning.

KleenPro Hawaii can be contacted for any type of carpet cleaning solutions in Honolulu. After examining your carpet fabric and the type of stains it has, we can recommend and implement the best cleaning method available. We specialize in offering both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Honolulu, Ewa Beach, Mililani, Aiea, Kailua, Kapolei, Kailua, and Kaneohe area. Call us on (808)679-6873if you want to schedule our professional Honolulu Carpet Cleaning services.

Why My Carpets Get Dirty

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