Living in a sandy, swampy and humid area can cause havoc on the floors of your home. When you add children & pets, keeping those floors spotless becomes almost impossible. Not just does this consume a lot of your precious time; it’ll also cost you money in the long run. Nevertheless, keeping your floors clean is a lot more affordable than replacing them, particularly when it comes to carpeting.

Pro carpet cleaners in Oahu employ a method popularly known as hot water extraction which offers a great number of advantages that rental machine can’t offer. So, let’s find out what these advantages are:

Manufacturer recommended:
You probably have heard that carpet manufacturers always recommend that hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the safest way to clean carpets. In fact, many major carpet manufacturers have even begun requiring hot water extraction as part of their warranty guidelines.

Easy access:
One most difficult aspects of great carpet cleaning in Oahu is getting easy access to hard-to-reach spots. Grocery store rental devices tend to be pretty bulky and heavy. Agreed, carry candles & wheels have been incorporated to DIY carpet cleaners, but this has not done anything for their capability to reach crowded spaces.

Numerous carpet cleaning firms have truck mounted devices that do much more than just supplying heat to the water & power the vacuum. The cleaners using truck-mounted equipment have an effortless time finding tough to reach spots, such as properties with more than one buildings or stories without the need to drag a heavy machine from one place to the other.

Being parents & business owners, the wellbeing of your families, employees, and clients should be your first priority. Regular carpet cleaning will enhance the quality of air where you & the important people in your life spend the majority of their time. Carpet shampoos and dry cleaning solutions are known to release toxic fumes than nobody should be inhaling.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning method will not just take off trapped impurities from your carpet; they’ll do it without using injurious chemicals. The water used in these devices hot enough to cleanse, but unlike other cleaners, there’ll be no environmentally injurious remains or water runoff when the job is done.

At KleenPro HAWAII our carpet cleaners are experienced in all methods of cleaning and clean as per the manufacturer recommendations. Most of the carpet cleaning provided is done with the “hot water extraction” also known as steam carpet cleaning method. Call us at (808)679-6873 to schedule our professional carpet cleaning in Oahu.

Why Hot Water Extraction Is the Most Recommended Carpet Cleaning Method