There’re many carpet cleaning methods out there, but one of the most popular is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Most of the conventional carpet cleaning methods are no longer effective, and they’re also lambasted for not being capable of washing out the stains, germs, and allergens that exist in the carpets. According to experts’ opinion, the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning method available at present is hot water extraction cleaning.

Hot water extraction is a process of injecting hot water and cleaning solution into the pile of the carpet to remove any debris, while powerful wet vacuums extract dirt and stains from the carpet. Today, most reputable Oahu carpet cleaners use the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method purely because it’s much easier and offers the best cleaning results compared to the other cleaning methods in use.

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What are the major benefits of hot water extraction carpet cleaning?

There’re innumerable advantages of having your residential or commercial carpets cleaned with the help of a hot water extraction machine. Below we have highlighted some of the significant benefits of hot water extraction carpet cleaning:

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning:

Unlike other cleaning methods such as carpet shampooing, the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is eco-friendly & much kinder to the environment. Hot water extraction machines don’t need a large amount of detergent and water to attain great cleaning results. All detergents & solutions used on a hot water extraction machine are 100 percent biodegradable, meaning that any wastewater that’s discarded does not cause any harm to the environment. 

Fast drying times:

Due to the small volume of water that’s needed and the amount of power behind the vacuums that draw out the dirty water from your carpet, the hot water extraction method is capable of having your carpet dry inside 2-4 hours after cleaning. Outdated cleaning techniques are prone to leave plenty of soapy leftover in your carpet and can cause over wetting problems. This can encourage mold & mildew growth that can be the reason behind multiple respiratory and lung-associated ailments. Fortunately, hot water extraction cleaning can totally eliminate the possibility of this happening in the first place. 

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Why Carpet Owners Should Give Hot Water Extraction Cleaning A Try

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