Your commercial or residential carpets are probably more important than you might think. Wall-to-wall carpeting keeps the noise down in a home or office. Top-quality carpet also makes an excellent first impression on guests, visitors, and potential customers. Not only that, quality carpet creates a lovely home or office environment. It goes a long way to show your guests that they are valued. Top-quality carpet can be an expensive investment. Like any other investment, it makes sense to take due care. We’ve put together a few top tips that help you protect your residential or commercial carpet. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Area rugs

Carpets get dirty from dust and debris no matter how careful you are! It is carried on the bottom of shoes. Tiny particles of grit and dirt can easily get trodden into the carpet. It may flatten the carpet piles and make them appear dirty. Over time these tiny particles of grit cause wear and tear to the carpet fibers. It will not leave any option but to replace it. So, what’s the solution? Using the area rugs at entranceways can be the option to protect your carpets from dust and debris. It will collect any dirt and debris bought in by guests or employees. Ultimately it will help in preserving the appearance of your carpets. With regular vacuuming of both the carpets and the area rugs, your carpets will stay looking at their best shape for longer.

Use mats to protect your carpetĀ 

One more way to protect your residential & commercial carpets from damage is by using rubber or plastic mats beneath the furniture. It prevents grooves from forming on the carpet and prevents the carpet fibers from becoming snagged. Using small rugs under the bed or beneath desks or chairs is an excellent way to protect the carpets.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming in your building depends upon the traffic flow and the activities that take place inside. Vacuuming is essential for the maintenance & appearance of carpets. Regular vacuuming will remove dust and dirt particles from the top of your carpets. It will make things easier to keep the carpet’s natural beauty. Be sure that you call professional Oahu carpet cleaners for regular cleaning.

Has it been cleaned on a regular basis?

No doubt your office or residential carpets are vacuumed on a daily basis. It is a good act for the life of your lavished carpet. However, some people mistake of not having their carpets cleaned until they look dirty or get damaged. Instead, make a note to have your residential or commercial carpets cleaned at least twice a year. Or you can schedule our Oahu carpet cleaners based on footfall. Our professional carpet cleaning in Oahu helps your carpet to last longer. We offer exceptional service to keep your carpets looking fresh, clean, and free from germs. You must aware that dust mites, insects, and pollens can gather at the bottom of your carpet. It will be a reason that triggers allergies, breathing issues, running eyes, and much more for your employees!

Get in touch

At KleenPro LLC, we have years of experience catering to commercial and residential customers. We have state-of-the-art carpet cleaning solutions and experienced technicians to freshen up your carpets. We can remove any stains to make your carpets look new. We use the hot water extraction method, which is recommended by many leading carpet manufacturers. Why not call us at (808) 679-6873 to request a free quote or make a booking?

Tips To Take Care Of Your Commercial Carpets

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