Dealing with a service provider that is not showing up to expectations can be frustrating. Instead of finding someone new as the first reaction, it is good practice to try to resolve issues before moving on. Let’s have a look at a few challenges that business owners face while working with commercial cleaners. Also, find out how interaction can help resolve these issues.

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First Problem: 

Low-Quality Cleaning – Facing low service quality is often the biggest challenge that most business owners face. Low-quality cleaning services can come in many forms. It could involve hurried cleaning, poor or insufficient cleaning, and more. Many clients discovered that bathrooms and kitchens were the main trouble spots! These places typically see more traffic. Regular use will make the item dirtier and faster.

How Interaction Can Be Beneficial:  Inform your cleaning service provider of your issues in a calm yet detailed manner. Simply saying “the office was still dirty,” does not provide enough information to go on. Say “The bathroom floors have not been mopped properly” instead. It will let the cleaners understand your specific concerns. The cleaners will understand what to do or how to improve their service next time. It clears up the possible misunderstandings surrounding schedules and contracts.


Second Problem: 

Cleaners Not Showing Up – Waiting around for your cleaners to show up can be annoying. It can be stressful to not know with certainty when they will arrive. When business cleaners show up in the middle of a meeting, it might be annoying. It’s important to know when your commercial cleaners will show up on time. It is necessary as many business owners stay in the dark on this issue.

How Interaction Can Be Beneficial – Expressing your worries as soon as possible. It’ll make these kinds of problems easier to solve quickly. It could have been a straightforward misunderstanding in your contract. Either that or staff members might not be according to their timetable, which is simply fixable. It provides an opportunity for managers to talk with their staff. Hopefully, communication will fix the timing problem right away.


Third Problem: 

Poor Quality Of Service – Your commercial space or office seems to be a place of professionalism. Here the employees will feel safe and stay productive. Unfortunately, a common issue that customers face with some cleaning services is the unprofessional, rude, or disruptive staff. This is frequently observed with the cleaners themselves, but it could also be an issue with other employees, such as supervisors or managers!!

How Interaction Can Be Beneficial – Do you have trouble with your commercial cleaning staff? Your cleaning service provider may be unaware of how their staff is behaving. They may not have their managers present while performing their service. Good communication will let your commercial cleaning service provider know about cleaners’ unprofessional conduct. Make sure you provide a detailed account of what happened! So your commercial cleaning service provider knows exactly what occurred. A professional commercial cleaner will take care of your complaint seriously. They inform the cleaning staff to make their behavior appropriate.

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KleenPro, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business! At KleenPro, LLC, we handle our clients the same way we would our own family. We value our customers and will work quickly to find solutions for them. With every client, we place a high importance on honesty, reliability, and thoroughness. We also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies & highest highest-quality cleaning methods to keep your commercial space look and feel cleaner. We can make the office ambiance perfect for you, your staff, and your clients!

We still sincerely pledge to clean your office and business area with the same attention to detail as we do our own. We also have a strong commitment to integrity, honesty, and excellent customer service.  

At KleenPro, LLC, we believe that our cleaning team is the key reason we are so successful. We strive to hire the best cleaners in the business. Since we take security seriously, every member of our staff has undertaken extensive background checks, bonding, and vetting. We value our reputation, so we fulfill our commitments. We accomplish what we say.

We even promise a prompt response. We believe that client happiness and communication are essential. We will consistently stand by the work we do. We promise it! If for any reason you are not quite pleased, just get in touch with us, and we will come back to address your issue at no extra cost within 24 hours.

The Challenges Business Owners Face While Working With Commercial Cleaners

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