Office carpets are really big investments those really cost a lot to replace and their cleanliness will make a real impact on any company’s image. Thus it is significant to take care of your investment properly. Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Oahu takes care of it not only to keep it looking fresh and clean but also extend the life of your investment. Oftentimes, the question arises where the major spill issues derived and how it can be kept under control! When we speak to commercial owners or managers, we come to a conclusion about three primary causes of spills and stains in their facilities. To mention these most common offenders are as follows:

• Food in the office. Employees eating in the office are one of the biggest culprits of messes. Some companies or offices have on-site cafes or hiring food trucks with a reason to celebrate some official occasion or encouraging the employees to increase the productivity. Majority of the offices allow people to stay on-site to eat lunch at their desks. These things are good for productivity but at the downside, it may increase food spills and stains over the carpet area.

• Due to clients and regular visitors. Clients will rarely have the similar concern for your office space as you do! They neither pick up anything done by mistake nor even report if they have spilled something. If you host customers with children in your space, they might bring a lot of spill risks with them. Juice boxes, sports bottles, fruit snacks, crayons, markers, or even the animals really leave some marks on your upholstery and carpets.

• Spills remain unreported. The major problem is being remained calm or quiet after the spill takes place, no matter who makes it. When the spill is not reported instantly it will be soaked deep into the carpet. Food stain, or liquids such as coffee or wine or soft drinks, can be especially challenging as they soak and attach to the carpet fibers quickly and easily. As it remains longer on your carpet or upholstery, the tougher it will be to get out.

Carpet cleaning is one of the toughest jobs ever encounter as a business owner. In fact, the bright colors and plush fibers add beauty to the office space, but they act as a magnet for dust and dirt and spills. Our commercial carpet cleaning team in Oahu through their periodic thorough cleaning, special techniques, best quality cleaning agents keep your carpets looking new and fresh. Our carpet cleaning team and environmentally-safe cleaning services will help you not only protect your employees but also make your carpets looking great for a long time.

Spills and stain depend on the area and the traffic. Regular or preventative commercial carpet cleanings are surely the key to keep your carpets looking great for a long time. Our commercial carpet cleaning service provider in Oahu shows the business owners how proper carpet cleaning technique impacts the life cycle of your carpet. Regular cleaning and maintenance with the help of commercial carpet cleaning professionals is perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect your investment.


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The Biggest Culprits of Office Environment are Spills and Stains