Exceptional carpet cleaning to the residents and businesses in Hawaii!

There is just something about a clean home that makes you feel better. Also, there are scientifically-backed health benefits of a clean home, including higher productivity, less mental stress, and a good night’s sleep.

In Hawaii, you will find households completely carpeted. They are excellent floor covering, designed to offer cushion underfoot for reduced fatigue, and sound and heat insulation. But with constant everyday usage, heavy foot traffic, dirt, and stains can take a toll on the life of your carpet.

Call Kleen Pro Hawaii for the best carpet cleaning in Hawaii. We will rejuvenate your carpet or upholstery with a thorough cleaning by our dedicated professionals. Whether you need spot removal, an extraction, a dry cleaning, or deodorizing, we can help.

Though you want the carpet in your home to look great, you also want it to be safe for you and your family. Though some carpet cleaning companies in Hawaii use cheap solutions and do not bother about how their chemicals will affect your and your family’s health or the environment, we do! At Kleen Pro Hawaii we only safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions for all our jobs. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are 100% free from any harsh chemicals and other harmful substances like dyes and petrochemicals.

Our experienced residential and commercial cleaners have an outstanding customer service record, and our competitive prices have earned our company many referrals and repeat business from most of our customers. We guarantee all our work for your peace of mind.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet!

Clean and maintain your carpet and upholstery with regular cleanings from Kleen Pro Hawaii. Frequent cleanings from our business will extend the life of your carpet and help prevent fading, fraying, and discoloration. Carpets are a major investment in any home, so, take care of them with our professional carpet cleaning in Hawaii.

Why Choose Professionals to Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

  1. Your home will look amazing – You can instill the perfect environment that your friends and family will enjoy. Your carpet’s cleanliness is the key to a great first impression!
  2. You will save money – Getting your carpet cleaned by our professionals will save you time and money. Your carpets will last longer!
  3. Your home will be healthier – Most importantly it is yours and your loved one’s health. Professional carpet cleaners will use environmentally safe products and eliminate unwanted mold and odor.

Get Amazing Carpet Cleaning Hawaii in a Few Simple Steps

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

We will perform special tests to determine the content of your fabric. Then, we will determine the cleaning solution and technique to use. 

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum

We will vacuum the carpets thoroughly before cleaning.

Step 3: Pre-Test

We will perform special tests to find the perfect solution for your carpet type.

Step 4: Pre-Spot

Potential difficult spots will be pre-treated with solution solutions to increase their chances of removal.

Step 5: Pre-Groom

The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle, hot controlled rinse.

Step 6: Soil Extraction and Rinse

The fabric is then pH-balanced to maintain its fresh, soft feel.

Step 7: Neutralize

Any remaining spots will be treated with a special carpet stain removal solution.

Step 8: Post Spot

W will review the cleaning results with you to make sure that your expectations have been met or exceeded.

To schedule an appointment for your residential carpet cleaning in Hawaii, please contact Kleen Pro Hawaii at (808)679-6873.

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