Bringing a dog into your home can be a rewarding experience. They bring love and companionship, as well as many health benefits. The benefits of having a dog in your home are many, but so are the drawbacks. Accidents, chewing, and excess shedding are common among pet owners. When you integrate your dog into your home, it’s important to keep your carpets clean. Read on for 5 simple ways to do so.

Mind the paws:

Pet paws can bring dirt, mud, and other unwanted particles into the home. Keeping them clean will help limit damage to high-traffic areas. To limit the amount of dirt and grime your pet brings into the home, wipe their paws with a towel after they come inside. To avoid stains on carpets or floors, spray them with water when they get dirty.

Keep your pet clean:

A dog that is clean and tidy will shed less and make less mess of your carpet. Keeping the dog’s hair groomed will limit how much hair is shed onto your carpet.

Don’t forget to vacuum the furniture:

Vacuum the furniture and other high-traffic areas in the home, too. Even if your pet doesn’t spend time on the furniture, hair and dirt can fall on it from the air or shake off it. Any dirt on a piece of furniture will eventually work its way to the floor. So vacuum both the floor and use a pet tool to clean upholstery, drapery, and other high-traffic areas.

Watch what your pet eats:

Pet food comes in a variety of forms, but many contain artificial colors that can stain carpeting and make cleanup more difficult after an accident. Choose food without added coloring for less mess.

Call professional Oahu Carpet Cleaners:

Even the most meticulous pet owners and their pets cannot keep carpets looking brand new all the time. Professional carpet cleaning can remove stains, freshen up your home’s interior design and make your carpet look like new again. We recommend that you call our professional carpet cleaners in Oahu at least once a year, or more often if you have more than one pet or accidents happen frequently. The professionals Oahu Carpet Cleaners at KleenPro Hawaii will be able to spot and treat difficult pet stains and clean heavily used area rugs. Contact us today to schedule our professional carpet cleaning services for your pet-friendly home.

How To Keep Carpets Clean When You Have Pets in Your Home

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