The joy that pets bring to their owners’ life is unbelievable, but they also present a number of challenges, such as obtrusive pet stains and odors that can ruin the ambiance of your home. KleenPro is here to provide you with some advice on how to get rid of those lingering odors. 

Here are a few ways to make your home smell beautiful again, from natural remedies to professional carpet cleaning in Honolulu Hawaii

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Pet Odor:

Before spending money on a professional carpet cleaning service, you might want to attempt eliminating pet odors. Some of the best methods for eliminating pet odors on your own are listed below:

Baking Sosa: Surprisingly, baking soda can be among your home’s top cleaning supplies. A lot of unpleasant odors can be removed by using baking soda as a deodorizer. One of the best home remedies for eliminating foul scents is to sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets or furniture. After 20 minutes, vacuum up the baking soda and any unpleasant odors.

Vinegar: Vinegar is a food additive that is surprisingly efficient as a cleaning agent. Adding a small bit of vinegar to your laundry can help eliminate unpleasant aromas because vinegar is a natural odor remover. You may also make a spray by combining vinegar and water that aids in getting rid of pet odors from the carpet.

Cleaning Products: It might be time to use commercial cleaning supplies if baking soda and vinegar are unable to get rid of the odor. Numerous cleaning solutions have been developed especially to remove pet-related messes, stains, and odors. You may eliminate pesky pet odors with the help of these cleaning products without having to hire a professional cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Options:

Unfortunately, there are times when using home remedies won’t be enough to solve the issue. This is where you need professional carpet cleaning aid. 

Here at KleenPro, we begin by checking your carpets for stains and odors that need to be cleaned. We then vacuum those areas to make sure our spot treatments can reach the trouble areas completely. 

Following those spot treatments, we use our pet-friendly products and agitate the areas to get rid of even the tiniest particles that can persist and bring back nasty pet odors. Finally, we conduct a last inspection and provide carpet protection that makes it simpler to clean up any spills and odors. To schedule professional Carpet Cleaning in Honolulu Hawaii with KleenPro, call (808)679-6873!

Getting Rid Of Pet Odor From Your Carpet With These Tips

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