Low Moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hawaii

Isn’t it about time You Enjoyed These Benefits?…

A Work Environment That Is Healthy For you and Your Staff!

An Office That Looks Great And Proudly Declares To Your Staff and Your Customers,” I care about Appearance!”

A dirty carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria that prolong cold and flu symptoms and aggravate allergies. The quickest way to improve the quality of the air you and your staff work in is to have KleenPro clean your carpet frequently. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hawaii

Clean Carpeting Will Save You Money Too!

How long would your carpet last if everyone who entered your building had sandpaper attached to the bottom of their shoes? Every step taken would grind away at your carpet leaving it looking old long before it’s time. In effect, that’s what the dirt and grit hidden in your carpet are doing. Every step taken on a dirty carpet grinds away at the fibers. Professional carpet cleaning by KleenPro is an investment that will keep your carpet looking great for many years to come.

Our Clients Agre, KleenPro Provides the finest Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Available!!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions:


For commercial carpet, we price it by the square feet. Please call us at (808 )679-6873 for a free price quote.

Comprehensive treatment and upkeep of your carpets could maintain their appearance and their durability in commercial properties for years and years. Cleaning will also lighten colors and give a cleaner, safer and healthier interior environment. Failure to care for your carpets and will certainly result in premature damages. Basically professional carpeting cleaning for your investment and makes the life of your investment last much longer.

We will happily move small furniture. We do not move heavy and large furniture. If the furnishings are fixed: heavy desk, sideboard, bookcase, it is less complicated to clean around them as just a small amount of dust possibly behind and under the item.

Yes. We can generally offer a complimentary quote as long as the customer could offer us an idea of approximate area dimensions. Large office locations are normally needed to have a site walkthrough.

Yes. All office/commercial work is typically done out of hours, via either weekend or evening to suit the customer. if the weekend is the only time that work could be finished we will certainly seek to comply with the consumer’s requirements.