Anticipating what will happen next in life is almost impossible and hence change in schedules is an inevitable part of our lives. We at KleenPro, LLC offer a cancellation policy that ensures the cancellation of our services is handled reliably, which gives our customers and our cleaning experts some anticipation.

Key Points About Our Cancellation Policy

  • Make sure to provide 48 hours notice when you need to cancel or reschedule our cleaning service.
  • Please, if possible, reschedule your cleaning service and cancellation altogether.
  • In case you have given us 48 hours’ notice for rescheduling the cleaning service, but it is impossible on our part, we will credit your invoice for services not provided.
  • On the other hand, if you haven’t given us 48 hours notice for rescheduling your service, you will be chargeable for the services.
  • Annually, the maximum amount of credits for cancelled cleaning services is three. Cancel requests beyond three won’t be credited on your monthly statement.
  • We understand that providing 48 hours notice for rescheduling or cancellation of our services. Hence we try to find a way to reschedule with you.
  • For cancellation or rescheduling of cleaning services, please contact our customer services.

Cleaning Schedule Adjustments

For adjusting your cleaning schedules with us, for instance, move your weekly clean from Saturday to Monday, we will try our best to accommodate the change. You can get in touch with our customer services, and we will plan a new schedule that is convenient and suitable for you as well as your cleaner. 

Being that said, we do not encourage frequent changes in schedules as a consistent schedule benefits both you and us. Consistent schedules help in maintaining consistent hours and professional cleaning services. After all, we prioritize professionalism and promptness.