Between time-consuming things like career, kids and other household chores, it’s very tough to keep your home clean and tidy in Honolulu. If you’ve guests coming up on the weekend, you may be concerned about how to make your home guest ready.

Here are a few useful tips and suggestions to make the cleaning of home easy:

1. You should start the cleaning from the entry. You need to make sure coats; shoes, etc. are in proper condition. If you find dust on the visible surface, you should wipe it down right away.

2. After cleaning the entrance, you need to move to the room where you are going to entertain your guests. Use some baking soda on carpets and rugs. It will remove any odor from carpets and rugs.

Take a big basket and put all the clutter – mails, toys, gadgets, old newspapers like things inside. Keep this basket in an out of sight room. Wipe down the furniture and other visible surfaces to clean up dust.

Just fluff the cushions, vacuum sofa, and rug perfectly. Try to sweep the floor quickly. Spray some air freshener inside.

3. Use a pop of colors to appeal the attention to the unique features of the room. For instance, you can use bright colored cushions, beautiful vase, table clothes, etc.

4. Use the soft lighting fixtures like the mood lights instead of harsh ones.

5. You should move into the kitchen and wipe down the stovetop, countertops, and appliances. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen floor and start mopping it, if you have time. Put some lemon in garbage disposal which will eliminate bad odors.

6. Make sure that the bathroom is clean and tidy as the guests frequently visit there. Clean up the toilet inside and out and also the sink. Wipe down the mirror and faucets. Light a scented candle and keep some clean fresh towels inside.

7. Shut down the doors of all the rooms that you won’t use. Try to keep them out of sight and mind. You can consider organizing it later.

8. Again go back to the entertainment space and check if you are missed anything. If you did, fix right away, no matter whatever it is.

9. Do you have some more time in hand and want to fix other rooms also? You can do it one by one. Put away all the clutter in a basket and this basket in a closet or under the bed.

Prepare the bed and fluff all the pillows. Wipe down dust from all visible surfaces. Sweep the floor and repeat the process until you have covered all the rooms or till your guests arrive.

10. Want to clean up other rooms in your home? Don’t forget to clean the bathrooms also.

Bottom Line –

Do you find the above-discussed tips interesting? Whatever the requirements you have – cleaning services in Honolulu, KleenPro LLC will help you maintain the home clean and tidy. For immediate availability, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!

10 Useful Tips to Make Your Home Guest Ready in Honolulu